About Us
artist, Lyda Revoire Wing
Union Church was founded in 1869.  The present sanctuary was built in 1905.  Beautiful stained glass windows (below), donated by the Tryon family, adorn both sides of the chancel.
Open and Affirming Statement
Adopted in 2009
"Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ resolves that we are an Open and Affirming congregation whose primary purpose is to proclaim and extend God's extravagant welcome to all people.  We welcome and accept all people regardless of race, sex, nationality, physical disability, marital status, mental ability, economic status, or sexual orientation.  We believe Jesus' teaching that the greatest commandents are to love God with all our hearts, souls and minds, and to love our neighbors as ourselves."
We are a small but active and growing congregation, having added 16 new members in 2015 with more to come.  The congregation is a self governing, self supporting and independent faith community, with a strong bond of Christian covenant and mission throughout the various settings of the United Church of Christ: local, regional, national and international.
We are called to live in God's grace and goodness.  You are joyfully invited to join us in this covenant of life.
We are reminded that "God is still speaking".  This means that God still has a lot more to say.  The red comma that we use proclaims that our faith is 2000 years old but our thinking is not.
Union Congregational Church, UCC is served by an ordained minister, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong who is assisted by a very capable minister of music and by a volunteer treasurer and office staff.