All are welcome to join us in worship every Sunday at 10am
Union Congregational Church observes the Christian Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism.  All are welcome to our open Communion table including visitors and guests in worship.
Baptism may be requested at any age as a right of entrance into the Christian faith and our Union Congregational Community. 

Click below for the sermon from 10/28/2018
Vicki Oneto
"That We All May See"'
Mark, Ch. 10

Click below for the sermon from 11/11/2018
Pastor Liz
“How Much?”
Pledge Sunday sermon

Mark 12 / “The Widow’s Mite”

Click below for the sermon from 11/18/2018
Pastor Liz
"Gee Thanks"'
Mark, Ch. 13

Pastoral Care
The pastor of Union Congregational Church is available when there is a need for a visit or a phone call for yourself or a loved one.  Reverand Elizabeth Armstrong can be reached through the Church office 7 days a week.  The office phone number is (209) 736-4171.  Her cell phone number is (209) 743-7476 and her email contact is [email protected]
There is also a prayer group that will respond to special requests from those in need of prayer.
While our basic orientation in marriage services is Christian, it is not necessary to be a member of the Union Congregational Church to be married here.  We have a beautiful new patio and fellowship hall suitable for receptions. 
Memorial Services
The pastor is available in times of death and bereavement.  Contact Pastor Liz for counseling and/or to arrange services.
Please contact Pastor Armstrong for further information.